We dispatch worldwide - daily to UK via express or economy and Airmail to Australia, USA, Canada, Europe and beyond. We have new products for the 2014 season arriving weekly. Now back in stock: Miniature Autograph Cricket Bats, Penta Grips, Toe Guard Kits, Chamois Wicket-Keeping Inners.

Our 2014 End of Season Sale is Now On featuring over 100 items of cricket equipment at up to 50% off. Grab a bargain now to replace your worn out equipment.

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Personalised mini bats are great as trophies, especially youth teams; but they are also great as wedding or party table names and invitations, childrens party gifts, school awards and match momentos. We can use your graphics and text as required; the only limitation is the size of the bat!

Personalised Miniature Cricket Bats, ready for dispatch

All your cricket equipment requirements, delivered straight to your door. From bats to boundary flags, scorebooks to stumps, gloves to grips, we`ve everything for you and your club.

getpaddedup New Cricket Bat Grip Range

Our own brand `Eco` range offers no-fuss, budget accessories while our `Ultra` and `Ultimate` range provides professional quality at on-line prices.

getpaddedup.co.uk Cricket Padman Shorts

If your bat looks in need of a make-over, try our Cricket Bat Repair Kits. There are 12 to choose from including different textured replacement bat grips, with matching toe guards and grip tape. Some also include bat oil, bat facing sheets, gripping cones and knocking-in mallets.

getpaddedup.co.uk Cricket Bat Repair Kits

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Octopus Grips

Covered in hundreds of mini octopus suckers, not only do these grips look visually striking, the bond between gloves and bat is superb. Available in one, two or three colours, with designs created exclusively for getpaddedup.co.uk. Half/half, three-band, spiral and splash-spiral designs.

Single colours: Black, White, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Navy Blue, Fluoro Pink, Fluoro Green, Gold, Silver, Bronze. Two colour: Black/Orange, Black/Yellow, Green/Yellow, Blue/Yellow. Triple colour: Red/Yellow/Green


Our own brand hardback, ring-bound scorebooks start at £7.50. Featuring a section for penalty runs, pages for results summary and season averages and a clear, waterproof protective case, they are available in four colours (Navy Blue, Green, Maroon or Black) and in 60 or 100 innings formats. Suitable for all club and league cricket. We also carry 20/20 scorebooks for juniors, with educational charts.

Batting Pads

Plenty to choose from including the ambidextrous SS Superlite pad. We have budget, mid range and top-quality suitable for the best league players, from BDM, SS, SG, MRF and CA Sports.

Wicket Keeping Gloves

Starting at just £15, choose from BDM, SS, SG, MRF and CA Sports, used by various top Asian international players. We also stock keeping inners.


Excellent value BDM Commander Helmet for boys/youth at just £17.00. In adult sizes, choose from our own range or the SS Elite, a stylish helmet at under £20.00.

Carry Kit Bags

Our best-selling carry kit bag is now down to just £20.00. The Amazer Kit Bag is available in four colours (Royal Blue, Black, Grey and Maroon) and is a full size professional bag featuring two end pockets (zipped) and re-inforced centre carry straps and sown-in luggage straps. Length: 90 cms (35 inches), Width: 36 cms (14 inches), Height: 28 cms (11 inches). Plenty more smaller and bigger carry bags are also available.

Matrix Grips

With the largest selection of cricket bat grips in the UK, our matrix range is extensive. Current colours available include red, black, yellow, sky blue, orange, dark green, fluoro pink, fluoro green, metallic blue and our black and white striped.


Autograph Bats

Available in 15 and 18 inch sizes and with a range of handle colours, miniature bats are great for collecting autographs but they also make great trophies. Instead of small medals or plastic trophies, getpaddedup.co.uk offer a bespoke autograph bat trophy service; we can add your club logo, competition name and player names to all our autograph bats. Kids love receiving them and getting all team members to sign, just like county and international teams. We also provide a corporate service for product launches, parties and events.

Batting Gloves

Starting at just £8.00, we have batting gloves to suit all standards. BDM, SS, SG, MRF and CA Sports brands to choose from and we also carry batting inners.

Thigh Pads

Our own getpaddedup bubble-molded brand thigh pad is excellent value at just £6.00, with many others to choose from, including inner thigh pads in left and right handed. We also stock replacement padman inserts for inner and outer thigh pocket.

For Umpires

From bowling markers to umpire jackets, accessories for umpires also include our own brand getpaddedup click counters.


Reduced to £8.00, our getpaddedup cricket shirts are our lowest priced shirt ever. Trousers, socks, floppy hats (in off-white, navy blue, maroon and green) are available in a full range of sizes to suit all. We also stock a range of over-sized shirts.

Junior Equipment

Spiral and Ribbed Grips

Our extensive range of cricket bat grips includes a wide range of single-colour spiral coil grips. Choose from black, yellow, green, red, maroon, navy blue, pale blue, orange, grape, lime, white, dark green, grey, fluoro pink, bronze and silver. Quite a range!

Stumps and Bails

Our range includes stumps (including coloured stumps and, from 2011, our new `club colours` cricket stumps), bails and our low-cost spring back stumps.

Accessories for Clubs

A wide range of accessories for cricket clubs include our white or coloured boundary flags, available in red, orange and yellow. Our own getpaddedup brand of scorebooks are excellent value and we also offer balls (match and practice), bails and spring-back stumps.

Diamond and Chevron Grips

With the largest collection of cricket bat grips in the UK, our diamond range is naturally extensive. We can offer you red, dark green, maroon, sky blue, black, orange, green, mauve, lime green, yellow, navy blue and a three-coloured blue, green and white.

Bat Oil and Mallets

Bat preparation and maintenance equipment includes oil (in 50ml and 100ml), knocking-in mallets (a choice of single-headed, double-headed or cricket ball type) and toe guards in a range of colours; black, white, grey, maroon, purple, green, lime green, red, pink, yellow, orange and natural/wood.


Wicket Keeping Pads

Starting at just £12, choose from BDM, SS, SG, MRF and CA Sports, used by various top Asian international players.

Wheeler Kit Bags

Our best selling ultra wheelie kit bag has proved as popular in 2010 as ever before and is now sold out; back again in 2011 and planned in two sizes. For carry kitbags, the pro-sized BDM Amazer at just |15.00 is probably the best value item on our entire website.

Accessories for Players

All the items you require to complete your kit; protection (jock straps, abdominal guards, arm guards, chest guards, toe guards to name a few), clothing including floppy hats (in off-white, navy blue, maroon and green) and briefs, plus batting and keeping inners.

Other Protection

All the other items you might normally ignore, produced by getpaddedup to make them very affordable; arm guards, chest guards, thigh pads and our padman shorts (containing batting shorts, outer thigh pad, inner thigh pad and abdominal guard).

Scale/Snake Grips

We stock the latest craze in bat grips in a choice of six plain colours and we also have a rather funky black and lime green.

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Largest selection of replacement cricket bat grips in the UK
Huge range of cricket bat grips

Over 70 cricket bat grips to choice from, including spiral coil, diamond, matrix and octopus.

Diamond from £2.00
Spiral Coil from £2.00
Matrix from £3.00
Octopus from £3.00

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